How to Pick a Diamond Engagement Ring

An engagement is one among the foremost vital events in a woman’s life and zilch will mark this additional considerably than with a hoop. Whereas there are totally different approaches to propose wedding, most of them are given with diamond engagement rings. A diamond is symbolic, and this standard gem is understood for its beauty and sturdiness to last forever. This makes it worthy to relinquish to somebody you wish to be with, for life. A diamond’s quality, cost, and values are determined by 4 Cs.
The 4 Cs of Diamonds
* Cut
This refers to the symmetry of a diamond’s sides that embody its angles and proportions. This determines the flexibility of a diamond to mirror and refract lightweight, to permit it to sparkle.
* Carat
This represents the load of diamonds, whereby one carat resembles one hundred components. Though’ a better variety of carats create a diamond heavier, it doesn’t essentially mean that it’s dearer. It’s the standard, given by its cut, color, and clarity that dictate its value.
* Color
A diamond’s color is classed by means that of a color scale. This ranges from clear to yellow. The whiter a diamond is that the additional valuable it becomes. The foremost valuable are the colorless ones, though’ these stones are rather rare. There are fancy colored diamonds that may even be dearer than colorless ones.
* Clarity
The clarity of a diamond is appraised in keeping with the amount, position, and size of its inclusions that are sometimes not visibly seen by the oculus. These questionable nature’s fingerprints create every diamond distinctive. A diamond is additional valuable if it’s fewer inclusions.

Diamond Shapes
* Round
A round-shaped diamond surpasses different shapes within the method it reflects lightweight.
* Princess
This distinctive cut is formed sort of a sq., with ninety degree angles. This has the flexibility to cover inclusions.
* Emerald
Diamonds with this cut escort beveled corners and sides. Inclusions are simply seen during this cut. This can be less dear than the spherical and therefore the patrician cut diamonds.

Steps in selecting a Diamond band
* confirm your budget
When probing for a diamond band, confirm the quantity that you just will afford to shop for or are willing to pay. Since this can be a once in a very time period occasion, you may also invest in one. However, this doesn’t mean that you just have to be compelled to go method on the far side your budget.
* contemplate the Cs.
It is vital to possess some information with relevance diamonds and their 4 Cs that are carat, color, cut, and clarity. This way, it’ll be lots easier to search out one which will best meet your wants. Diamond engagement rings escort a certificate that function the blueprint of the diamond hooked up to them. These state the carat weight, cut, color, clarity and extra options of the diamond.
* select a hoop setting.
This is the band, which can be plain or escort little accent stones. This can be obtainable in a very sort of materials however sometimes; rings are set in gold or noble metal. There are three styles of gold settings, namely, yellow gold, metal and 2 toned. Once selecting a gold setting, it’s extremely counseled to travel for fourteen k and on top of.
* select a style.
A band consists of a setting and therefore the center stone that during this case may be a diamond. Realize a respectable jeweler that gives lovely and authorized engagement rings complete with setting and center stone. If just in case you have already got a base ring, you’ll simply select a acknowledged provider of center stones and have the planning customized.
Advantage of selecting respectable Jewelers
With respectable jewelers, you’ll make certain that you just get a real certificate for your purchase. This suggests that it comes with a gemological appraisal that certifies the worth of your diamond band.
Finding the simplest diamond band needn’t be a frightening task. Being knowledgeable diamonds and considering the preceding tips can create it easier.

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Black Diamond Hip Hop Jewelry- Selected Yet Gorgeous Jewelery Items with Glittering Black Diamonds

Budget for black diamond hip hop jewelry can be a little bit higher in price in comparison to traditional diamond jewelry in which fancy color diamonds of different cuts and settings are studded masterfully. The fact is that, new range of diamond hip hop jewelry with black diamonds is sure to leave one speechless. If budget is not an issue for you, then purchasing hip hop jewelry 10K 6 row black diamond bracelet or hip hop jewelry 10k custom 9 row black diamond bracelet is certainly the right option for you.

Some of the classy jewelry items of black diamonds include black diamond disco ball bracelet, black diamond skull ring 2.25ct 10k real hip hop jewelry, hip hop jewelry beaded black and white diamond disco ball bracelet, etc are also classy diamond jewelry pieces with black diamonds. Choice is yours; you have to choose the right one according to your choice and budget and place yor order at a selected and authorized diamond jewelry store.

10K 6 Row black diamond bracelet of 30Ct, for instance, is one of the ideal black diamond hip hop jewelry that weighs approximately 78 grams and showcases 30.95ctw of sparkling black diamonds. The classy diamond jewelry item for hip hop and rap artists features an iced out design and a heavy black rhodium plating for all black look. Needless to say, it is a fantastic diamond bracelet with black diamond for hip hop and rap artists, their followers and those jewelry enthusiasts who want to wear heavy diamond jewelry to embellish their persona.

Wearing such a bracelet and a men’s 10K black diamond chain that showcases 165.85 ctw of sparkling diamonds will certainly make the wearer a center of attraction. Combination of these two black diamond hip hop jewelry is sufficient for leaving people speechless. Moreover, a genuine men’s Gucci watch with black diamonds is also an amazing timepiece to add more spark in your personality. If you are looking for something more glittering with black diamonds, then black diamond earrings 0.50ct black PVD silver are also amazing and classy. Now, choice is yours and to a great level, you budget also matters.

You can purchase any of the selected jewelry item or more from an authorized diamond jewelry store at wholesale prices with some added services. So what you are waiting for, simply visit a nearby authorized diamond jewelry store or place your order online at the e-store of a selected authorized store and get such gorgeous and antique diamond jewelry to embellish your persona. is your one-stop-shop for all types of diamond items, Black Diamond Hip Hop Jewelry for every men and women from our specific collection.

Thinking Engagement Rings? Visit New York City Diamond District!

Jewelry especially the diamond has always an intense connection with women. There is nothing that brings a smile to women’s face like sparkly earrings, jangly necklace and dazzling ring. Big or small, understated or over-the-top, real or fake, jewelries lift the spirits and looks.
Each piece of jewelry has an emblematic meaning and gesture. A diamond engagement ring is a symbolic gesture usually received by the bride to be from her future other half.

Every single man feels nervous when searching the best diamond engagement ring. They’re thinking to look for the best diamond engagement ring, princess cut diamond engaement ring or a custom made diamond engagement ring. They even sometimes got pessimistic asking themselves; what if the love of my life will not like it and will firmly say NO?

Well, let this content tell you a secret. Read through and for sure she will utter a big “YES!”

Have you ever heard about the New York City Diamond District?

New York City Diamond District is the place where you can find the finest jewelry in the world. Diamonds from this city are said to shine brighter than most of the other top of the look and elegance. You are sure to find of silver and gold jewelry. No matter what you are looking for in your engagement ring, whether it is white or gold with diamonds, New York City Diamond District has everything for you.

Mike Nekta New York is a jeweler specializing in Bridal jewelry such as engagement rings and diamond eternity bands. He has very large selections, of great looking diamond at wholesale prices. People from all across the globe travel specifically to see Mike Nekta in New York since his quality of craftsmanship and prices are worth the trip. What most jewelry lovers consider when it comes to large diamonds? Everything can be found in abundance with Mike Nekta in the New York City diamond district.

It is the place to find luxurious jewelry at all your convenience. With New York jewelers and expert engagement rings makers, it is not impossible to buy the best one that is perfect for your future wife. Mike Nekta New York City’s engagement rings are statements to all luxurious things and wealth, home to home of the largest diamonds in the world.
If you are in quest of professional service and great selection in New York City, call or consult Mr. Mike Nekta. Mike Nekta is a third generation expert and jewelry designer. Regardless of what jewelry item whether handcrafted diamond rings, bridal jewelry, engagement diamond rings, Mike Nekta can help!

Nekta ‘s family has been a staple in the New York City jewelry and diamond district since 1974, serving the general public as well as other resellers around the globe. A family business with a humbling beginning that grew into a successful wholesaler/retailer in the infamous New York Diamond District. When asked “What is the key to your business success?” Mike Nekta replied “We are a major player in the jewelry capital of the world, innovation is expected from us, and that is how we stay 5-10 years ahead of other jewelers”. His goal is to stay innovative and provide the best and most updated designs using the most updated production techniques available to provide the very best designs and craftsmanship.

You can also visit for a Free 20 minute diamond consultation and a free e-book and video series about 7 mistakes to avoid while buying an engagement ring especially for visitor of his website. With his expertise and professionalism, his collection epitomizes flair and elegance, providing utmost integrity in every distribution and design.
Imagine yourself getting down on your knees, looking up into the eyes of your partner and watch as her face goes down from surprise of excitement. Then you’re picking a perfect engagement ring and will try to wear it to her ring finger. And then she says YES! Mike Nekta is a third Generation diamond expert and jewelry designer, an expert in creating handcrafted, diamond rings and bridal jewelry featuring a touch unique to Mike Nekta design. Professional service and great selection in New York City, call or visit Mike Nekta for a FREE 20 minute diamond consultation.

Diamond Jewelry Authenticity

Chances are measure, if you’re shopping for a diamond ring for somebody, you would like your diamond to be special, durable, and most of all, authentic. With all of the imitation diamond jewelry on the market nowadays, it’s wise recognize a couple of useful hints on the way to confirm a true diamond from a faux.

Learn the tools of the trade and gather a couple of those straightforward tricks up your sleeve. It’s time to place your diamond to the check.

1. Real Diamonds square measure flawed; fakes don’t seem to be.
While some may suppose that the goal in getting the proper diamond is to seek out one that’s nearly flawless–that isn’t perpetually the case. Rigorously crafted three-dimensional zirconium dioxide sports fully no imperfections, creating it straightforward to label as faux. Real, pure diamonds contain small ‘flaws’ that off time creates a brilliance that can’t be seen in fakes.

2. Look within your Diamond.
Much like wanting within a ball, wanting within your diamond can reveal the reality concerning its true elements and its credibility. The key is: Real diamonds perpetually have one thing within. If you verify your diamond with a 1200x magnifier, you must be able to see small inclusions among the stones infrastructure. If you hold the diamond before of your eye and appearance through its facet, you must not be able to see through it, nor ought to it look to be one clear, unified color. If the stone exerts zero degrees of brilliance, and if you’ll be able to see through it from the facet, then it’s positively faux.

3. Explore the Setting & Mount.
Since stones created of imitation substances like three-dimensional zirconium dioxide and Moissanite square measure such a lot cheaper than diamonds, they’re typically set in less costly metals. Likelihood is that, a faux diamond wouldn’t be set in real gold.

4. Check the wear and tear and Tear of the Stone.
Real diamonds have exceptional sturdiness and a hardened sharpness that’s sturdy enough to scratch glass. If there or any scratches or nicks on the surface of your Diamond, or if you’ll be able to create them, then your diamond isn’t real.

Simple Two-Minutes Tests:

1. The Reading check.
If your diamond isn’t mounted, set it on a newspaper. If you’ll be able to see through it in any respect, notwithstanding you only see distorted black smudges rather than clearly-marked letters, than your diamond may be a faux. Real diamonds have such a large amount of intricacies in their infrastructure that it’s not possible for light-weight to pass all the method through them while not being 1st refracted.

2. The Sandpaper check.
Diamonds measure the toughest well-known substance. That being said, it’s not possible for real diamond jewelry to be damaged. Mistreatments wet or dry sandpaper, check your diamond by scratching it smartly on the brittle surface of the paper. If it becomes nicked, it’s sure as shooting a faux.

3. The glint check.
View your diamond from the highest, then from the facet. Compare the shiny, reflective qualities that you just might have detected once wanting down onto the face of your diamond, with the method your diamond shines and reflects once being viewed at a facet angle. Imitation diamonds square measure by design crafted to appear like real diamonds from a birds-eye-view, however square measure less normally apt to hold those self same characteristics throughout the remainder of the stone.

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Diamond Engagement Rings – Passion & Intrigue

Diamond engagement jewelry, enthusiasm along with interest is inseparable. Why else would an acceptable person offer his / her partner some sort of $ 5, 000, 10, 000 or even $ 25, 000 diamond engagement rings? The result is straightforward – Men offer diamond engagement jewelry to help women that awaken their PASSION. Besides are women and men enthusiastic about expensive diamonds, the particular expensive diamonds themselves are recognized by awaken a romantic passion since ancient times.

Diamond Engagement Rings – Cullinan Diamond
Most people get a diamond engagement ring in which holds some sort of just one carat diamond, most likely two carat diamond, three, four? The actual “Cullinan Diamond”, found in South Africa, was the greatest difficult diamond ever discovered; it considered 3, 106 carats. Picture attempting to match in which diamond with her diamond engagement ring. The actual Cullinan Diamond is on display at the Tower of London and is part of the British crown gems.

Diamond Engagement Rings -Diamond Origins
The actual Greek expression for diamond – “adamas” – implies “unconquerable” along with states all this. Due to the fact the breakthrough, expensive diamonds are passionately desired, struggled above, worshipped, traded, stolen, hoarded along with utilized to solid spells in most tradition. Given its historical past, you would imagine the particular diamond would be the most sophisticated regarding stones. Instead, the most convenient!

Love Tokens – Diamond Engagement Rings
Love tokens have been around since Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Diamond engagement rings are suitable adore bridal party since her precious stone will appear the same way with 50 or even 500 several years at it does appropriate currently with her diamond engagement ring. Even though some sort of adore symbol may most jobs – guide, photograph, charm, etc. nothing at all compares to some sort of diamond engagement ring to capture the heart and imagination of your lover’s soul.

Diamond Symbolism – Diamond Engagement Rings
Within historic situations, the particular diamond was considered to create its users heroic along with the winner above the predators. For everyone their power, expensive diamonds had been additionally deemed as symbols regarding modesty and of innocence. When set in gold and along with utilized about the left part, it held the power to drive away nightmares and soothe savage beasts.

David is a professional writer having vast experience in writing articles about different topics. He has written many articles on Engagement Rings and Diamond Jewelry.

How to buy Diamond Jewelry

Diamond jewelry is amongst the uttermost famous and precious kinds of jewelries. In general, it is associated with romance. Diamond is appreciated for its brilliance, style and meaning. Irrespective of the fact that diamond is pretty famous in our society and has the constant revolving even then selecting the perfect piece is not easy as it looks. There are several qualities of diamond available in the market that are enough to confuse the mind of a person, thus it is pretty important to understand the entire aspects of diamonds. In order to provide you the much needed assistance we have prepared a diamond jewelry buying guide so that you enjoy the best experience of shopping without any hassle.

How to Choose Diamond Jewelry
The fundamental thing for purchasing diamond is to cover all the basics. You should makeup your mind concerning the kind of the jewelry and how much you are ready to spend along with the consideration of occasion.

Kinds of Jewelry: Diamond jewelry cones in numerous forms, today nearly every adornment has surrounded jewelry in it. One thing that you should need to consider is that whether you want necklace, bracelet or rings. The occasion for which you are buying also plays a key role in selecting the desire collection, so the nature of event is also matter the most. You can purchase jewelry that is appropriate for the juncture. If you anticipate gifting it to a person, then the likes and dislike of a person are very imperative. If a person loves the charm of simple jewelry don’t bother to waste your money on elaborate diamond jewelry.

Budget: It is also a key factor while purchasing diamond jewelry. Keeping in mind a precise budget will benefit a great deal in shopping for diamond jewelry. It is commonly seen that most of the people go out without determining their budget that ultimately leads them to enormous thoughtful process when they come across an attention-grabbing piece of jewelry. Shopping with organized mind not only let you buy in comfort but also make the experience of shopping pleasurable.

Size: The most common difficultly which usually face with the jewelry is the size. Purchasing a right size for yourself may seem an easy thing but if you want to gift it to somebody else take the sizes before shopping. Rings have the most common issue; improper size can cause puffiness and crossness. Bracelet should not be close-fitting and must be flexible through the wrist. Necklace can be variable but ear-rings size should be taken into version particularly when seeing long earring like hoops.

Quality of the Diamond
The quality of the diamond is usually recognized by 4 Cs. These 4 Cs can standardize the value of diamond in each attribute. The color of the diamond expresses the quality. An idyllic diamond is monochrome though, most diamond have minor shadow of brown or yellow. The more resemblance it has to neutral, the more precious it gets. In terms of diamond, it is fundamentally the size of the stone. Diamonds that are usually large tends to have superior value. Even a single augmentation in carat value can enhance the price of the diamond thoroughly.

If you are looking for the best collection of diamond jewelry, then all you have to do is just browse for the top-notch online stores like,,, Diamond-Me and etc.

Tiffany Diamond Earrings For Special Occasions

Tiffany Diamond earrings are the most sought-after gifts that can be given on almost any special occasion. Be it your daughter’s birthday or your wife’s anniversary, diamond studded earrings make for a marvelous gift. You should keep in mind what the person usually likes to wear while selecting diamond earrings to give as a gift. The age of the person and her face shape should also be kept in mind. A woman’s skin tone can also determine which color of metal will be flattering when choosing diamond earrings.

Tiffany hoop earrings are another popular style of earring for women. They are most commonly available in a round shape with a post backing. Wearing these types of diamond earrings is very easy and comfortable. Diamond hoops are made by setting various diamonds in a continuous flow. There can be one or multiple rows of diamonds to give your earrings a dazzling look. The size of the diamond hoops should be wisely decided depending upon the occasion, age, and preferences of the person for whom you are purchasing this precious gift.

Diamond earrings vary in style, price range, size and weight. Many laboratories are also committed to creating imitation diamonds that look almost real. Many different kinds of diamond stud earrings also vary from type of metal used and there style. Diamond wire earrings and diamond clips are the basic types of diamond earrings. In the clip earrings a hinged clip clasps the earring in the ear lobe while diamond wire earrings are for pierced ears.

You can get some beautiful diamond earrings that not only have perfect, flawless diamonds but also many other precious gemstones such as rubies, emeralds or sapphires. They are a valuable fashion investment. They make the wearer feel stylish, trendy, and elegant, and there are studs to suit every woman’s taste. A woman heart ponders for attention, no matter where she is, with whom she is, she always seeks attention; and so what other better way of grabbing attention by wearing stylish diamond jewellery.

The Tiffany Diamond Earrings are almost the best diamond gifts that a person can give to his loved one. These are intricately designed and look very elegant and snobby. The reason for the popularity of the tiffany diamond earrings is the affordability. The tiffany diamond earrings are much more cheaply than many other different diamond earrings. The reason behind the affordability of the princess cut diamond earrings is that the diamonds used in it retains a bit of roughness in it unlike the round ones. A person would end up paying less for the same carat of diamond while purchasing princess cut diamond earrings instead of any other shape.

It doesn’t matter what the occasion is, the sentiment is the same. If you are buying diamonds, chances are good if you know her well enough to figure that out! It is also one of the major factors to consider or to look for the consumers return policy. It is very important for you to search for your collection in best manner before choosing one. Mostly tiffany diamond earrings are made up in such a manner that they can suit your any outfit easily. So if you want your sweetheart to look like a princess then go grab for her a pair of them today.

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About Beautiful Tiffany Diamond Rings For Women

Diamonds is very precious stone which every one like to have it. The diamond jewelry is most valuable gift for any one. Diamonds make special occasions even better. If anyone is seeking to buy diamond jewelry he might be confused because there is wide range of diamond jewelry options are available in the market and we can buy form them. Everyone have their now choices and taste according to that people prefer to buy. Some people love to buy a traditional ring and some of them are fashion oriented they like trendy and modern diamond rings you will find everything in jewelry.

In Houston city of Texas State of America there is lager number of the jewelry store available where we can buy unique diamond jewelry. Jewelry depot Houston is one of them and very popular diamond jewelry store. At jewelry depot Houston a custom design where you will find a lager collection of the diamond rings custom diamond rings, engagement rings, diamond engagement rings, custom engagemnet rings, custom diamond engagemnet rings houston texas is available in all shapes and size.

We have the style you’re looking for and our prices can’t be beat. Designs include 3 stone, solitaire styles, multi stone and antique designs. Let her know you love her by giving her that special dream tiffany ring. Tiffany diamond rings are most regularly bought for engagements and weddings. The round ring suggests the infinite nature of the partnership, as the circle has no definite beginning or stop. Brides and Grooms are generally preferred diamond ring and wedding gemstone to buy on that precious occasion. Tiffany rings are indeed one of the most special and exciting gift that tells your love to your loved ones. Diamond rings is even more special during the time of engagement. Gifting an elegant and well designed diamond ring to your life partner will be the most pleasing moment, as you make your remembrance any time close to her heart! Diamonds are always the first and foremost choice of any women.

If you are looking for tiffany diamond rings for any special occasion, you need to understand the basics of different types of diamond rings. The first part is the cut of the diamond. This comprises round shapes, princess cuts, emerald, oval and other fits that make the diamond rings distinctive. The second part to this is ascertaining diamonds colour. Even though diamonds are recognized for their brightness and vividness, they need be decorated within the crystal. If there is no tint in the diamond, then it adds more value to your diamond rings.

Make sure that the stylishness is defined with the other details of the ring. Such as, having a level of clearness where the diamond is see through, shows that there is more value with the ring. This is mutual with the carat weight that the diamond holds. The higher the weight, the more value there is to the diamond.

The attributes that are kept in mind for tiffany diamond rings offer a complete shine to your formal wear or for the one time when you say forever. Taking a look at the specific characteristics and details, and using them to define specific aspects of your overall look is the beginning to making a statement of elegance and style. With this, you have the ability to show luxury and definition through the look of your tiffany diamond ring.

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The Simple Way To Spot A Fake Diamond

There’s little more disheartening than wearing a diamond ring or other piece of jewelry and coming to like it, only to find out later that it isn’t a diamond in any way. With today’s technology, fake diamonds look realer than ever before and it’s getting harder to identify a fake. Some diamonds, for example Ashoka cut diamonds, are awfully tough to fake due to their 62 angle cut, but there are other diamonds that are was faking every day and sold to unsuspecting folk across the entire world.

Anyone who shops for a diamond online or from any other source than a credible diamond company should know what to search for in a fake diamond and ensure that what they are buying is the real thing or a worthless piece of glass.

Folk who buy diamonds off the Net should ask for a grading certificate. These certificates let the buyer the diamond has been graded professionally by someone that is a diamond expert. The person who is appraising the diamond should additionally be looked into to be certain that he or she is allowed to grade the diamond.

Purchasing diamonds online is always a huge risk to begin with. Unlike Ashoka diamond rings, which come from the William Goldberg studio and are licensed, a diamond ring that is coming from an unknown source could end up being something that wasn’t even worth the cost of shipping.

If the diamond is being acquired thru an individual seller, pawn shop, or another local seller, there are several methods to tell whether it’s real. 2 of the most common diamond replacements are cubic zirconia, a man-made gem, and Moissanite ( silicon carbide ), which is a gem that is so much like diamond that even experts can’t always split them apart. Diamonds are harder than cubic zirconia and reflect the light better.

Moissanite frequently has a double refraction, so this is another way to tell whether you’re dealing with it or a real diamond. Cubic zirconia also weighs a good deal more than a diamond, whether or not they are the same size, over half the weight of its counterpart. You may also take the diamond to a local expert who can scan the gem with a diamond / Moissanite tester. If the unit doesn’t beep when the gem is scanned, then you have got a fake on your hands.

While not everybody can afford Ashoka cut diamonds because of their high price tag, they are rarely if ever faked due to how strange the cut is. It might be extraordinarily difficult to fake a cut which has sixty two separate sides to it, so a fake might be easily spotted.

Nonetheless anyone that is wanting to buy any sort of diamond can confirm it’s real thru several different tests. Understanding how to spot a fake diamond will save any consumer lots of grief and money, guaranteed.

For true beauty and shine, visit the Ashoka diamond gallery by William Goldberg. You will find Ashoka diamonds in a huge array of arrangements and designs, whether you are looking for an engagement ring, eye-catching bracelets, and even Ashoka diamond watches. Click today.

The versatile range in online diamond jewellery shopping

Diamond jewellery from India is popular across the globe. Only in India will you find diamonds set in exquisite patterns, in all varieties of precious metal. You can find diamond jewellery made from gold, silver, platinum and even white gold and mostly, these are far more cost effective than their western counterparts without compromising on the quality of the diamond used or the precious metal it is set in. With so many countries choosing to shop for online diamond jewellery India, why should we stay behind?

First of all, since delivery stays within the country, most reputed merchants manufacturing diamond jewellery from India will deliver right to your doorstep free of cost. And because they need to maintain international standards to cater to their global clientele, they will also have sophisticated privacy policies, return and refund options and use international standards to ensure safety for payment. Also, on the same web store offering diamond jewellery online, you can compare prices, compare designs and carat weight and do so much more.

The selection in diamond jewellery online is really amazing – you can find anything from pendants and chains, mangalsutras made from diamonds, diamond bangles and bracelets, diamond necklaces, diamond rings and earrings and nose pins as well. In fact, some websites offering online diamond jewellery shopping will also allow you to customize jewellery. You can simply choose a lose diamond of the carat weight and size you like and then give them a design that can be made to size. With such flexibility, comes the possibility of great unique jewellery designs, so that your jewellery is truly exclusive. Because these services are offered to a worldwide clientele, you can be rest assured that the manufacturing of jewellery and setting of diamond will be dome immaculately.

To know whether a store is offering worthy jewellery to buy online, go through their site and get an idea of not only the product designs but also the possibilities of customization and their discount offers. Some websites will also give you a FAQ page where all common questions will be answered, and if you still have questions, a good diamond jewellery online retailer will have live customer care support available 24×7. Make sure that you question the sparkle, brilliance, size and the 4Cs of the diamond you are considering. Each can affect the final price in a certain way and while the picture of a beautiful diamond ring can be alluring, trick photography can make even a very ordinary diamond look extraordinary. Therefore, don’t rely on the picture alone but read the product description carefully. Also, when you buy Indian jewellery set with diamonds, the price of the product will vary based on the precious metal it has been set in to.

Though online diamond jewellery merchants can guarantee better prices and more varied selection, some things like the cleaning, maintenance, polishing and repairs are something you need to think of for future reference. For that, choose to buy diamonds from merchants that have real brick and mortar stores, so that the warranty you get covers the above mentioned. Good choices are nakshatra diamond jewellery online, diamond jewellery by tanishq, diamond jewellery from Gili, Gitanjali and other popular brands like Asmi.

Before you buy jewellery, look at some online diamond jewellery stores. You would be surprised to see the same designs and diamonds available at cheaper rates because of low overhead costs.